Cyril Celestine - New Orleans Front End Web Developer

I am a seasoned developer who has been working in the industry for the past eight years. During that time, my focus has been on interactive design, front-end development, client and brand strategy development, SEO, and photography.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • RoR
  • php
  • EE
  • WordPress


For this project I collaborated with Maria Etkind of Etkind Design Studio. My role in this project was to build a custom Expression Engine Content Management system, which would easily allow the client to edit and update pictures and content. Used a combination of EE 1.7.2 and The Structure Plug-in by Build with Structure, which combined for an awesome non-tecky, easy to manage system.

Another collaboration with Maria Etkind of Etkind Design Studio. This site was for a local restauranteur who needed a solution for his new Pizzeria business. Sliced this design into hand crafted HTML/CSS and a little jQuery full screen background magic.

Along with Ancora Pizzeria, High Hat Cafe was also designed by Maria Etkind of Etkind Design Studio. I played a similar role in this project, carving the HTML/CSS from Maria's design.

Christie's Seafood Restaurant was also a project I worked on with Maria Etkind. Christies Restaurant wanted the ability to edit and add information and pictures, so Expression Engine was used as our Content Management System. I am also working on content marketing for Christies Restaurant to build more Domain Authority.

This project was a big deal for the City of New Orleans, who for the first time has Open top Double Decker Buses. My role in this project was to help plan and develop a web presence and the primary marketing materials for launch. I also acted as the primary photographer in capturing images of the Big Red Bus at prominent city attractions.

For this project I worked with Trumpet Group of NOLA. My role was to build an Expression Engine Content Management System and Code out the front end of the site. The most enjoyable part of building this website was the video library that we were able to work with. I learned a great deal about optometry, and who could forget about Computer Vision Syndrome

Helped Maria Etkind create a web presence for Dr. Tolar with a warm one-page website.

  • Trumpet Group
  • Front End Developer
  • Expression Engine Dev
  • Photographer
  • Aug 09 - Aug 10
  • Full Time On-site

Over the course of a year I spent a great deal of time in the old "Ice House", hammering out sites, slicing and dicing PSD's, as the front-end developer for Trumpets web projects. Responsible for cross-browser compatibility, and validating HTML/CSS/JS. Assisted project manager in setting scope, time-line, and cost estimates. Helped the development team migrate to Expression Engine and Ruby on Rails.


  • LSU
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Computer Science

Even though I've never completed a degree in Computer Science, I take great pride in being a former LSU student. Complications in the department, and a loss of accreditation made it easy for me to pursue other means of education. What I'm most proud of is that I went out and learned all I know today. Sometimes a little hustle is better than a degree, I'm just sayin'.